Rust is cool – Enums

Since starting my new role at Tangram Vision, I’ve been doing a lot of programming in Rust. This is a bit of a change for me having mostly worked in C / C++ / C# over the past 6 years, but my impressions overall are quite positive.

One of my favourite features of Rust are the enum types. They don’t stick out among Rust’s set of language features compared to some of the more novel aspects of the language (borrow checker, lifetimes, safe-multi-threading); however, Rust’s enum types drive some of the coolest parts of the language, and make modeling data in terms of types a pleasure.


Librem 5 Evergreen vs. Pinephone (Part 1 of ???)

Huzzah! I recently received my Librem 5 (Evergreen) from Purism. The Librem 5 is a smartphone that runs an otherwise standard linux kernel. However, unlike Android which also relies on the linux kernel under the hood, the Librem 5 uses a GNU userspace, adapted for mobile. This makes it more akin to your typical laptop in some ways, although the form factor still resembles a modern smartphone (at least, mostly). Here are some preliminary thoughts about the phone and how it compares to Pine64’s Pinephone, which is another phone that uses neither Android nor iOS, and relies on a GNU / Linux based OS.


iOS 14 – What time is it?

iOS 14 upgrades LLVM from the 9.x line to the 10.x line. This jump in versions was not well communicated to users, and ended up producing a challenging and upsetting bug on the platform breaking code within Occipital’s Structure SDK.


Geomatics – Measuring, Modeling, and Mapping

I wanted to write an article describing what Geomatics is. Or at least, try to touch on the core ideas of what being a Geomatics engineer is all about, or what you might end up studying if you decide to get into Geomatics yourself.


Fun with friends - Text bombing

This is something I discovered recently that may be a bit of an… anti-feature. The gist of it is, by using some basic system automation, I managed to automate my phone such that I could endlessly text my friends. Like, anything I wanted, and for pretty much forever. It was surprising to me that 1) Android exposes this behaviour, but mostly 2) that it was so simple to set up.


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