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Welcome to, I am Jeremy Steward. I work on a variety of things, mostly surrounding software, cameras, or multi-sensor calibration. Right now, I'm the Senior Perception Architect at Tangram Vision.

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In the past I've worked on projects involving the Internet-of-Things (IoT), studying reindeer using 3D cameras, and much, much more. I enjoy my time learning about many of the technologies that are (or will be) powering our world. Many of my projects are either published work, or can be found as a part of my CV.


The name "ThatGeoGuy" comes from being one of the rare Geomatics engineers (in this case, that guy) who work in a field where nobody knows what geomatics is or means. My specialization in Geomatics Engineering has been largely focused on 3D image metrology, and 3D imaging systems. I excel in Rust, C++, and systems programming and software development, but my background is entirely in camera calibration; multi-sensor integration; and photogrammetry.

As for Geomatics, it is a portmanteau of Geospatial Informatics, which basically means taking spatial information (e.g. position, location, distance, geometry) and using it to solve problems. It's a very broad field, and comprises a wide collection of technologies and methods. Some of these are:

  • 3D Image Metrology (Photogrammetry, dense depth techniques, LiDAR)
  • Digital Imaging (2D Image Analysis and Computer Vision)
  • Geospatial Information Systems (Think map mashups and combining regular data with location)
  • Location Based Services (Smartphones, Geo-web services)
  • Remote Sensing (Satellites, Medical Imaging, etc...)
  • Internet-of-Things (IOT)
  • Conventional Surveying (get out in the field and measure, measure, measure)

If I really wanted to sum up geomatics in the most simple terms though, I would say that it is measuring, modeling, and mapping the world around us.

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